All Get Out – Cafe du Nord

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About the show:

All Get Out’s been in my Cosmic Top 5 for at least five years now, but I’ve only ever seen them once before, opening at Bottom of the Hill. They put on a jaw dropper, so I booked tickets for their first headliner the day they were announced. Cafe du Nord’s a bit tight for a gig like this—it’s too small for bands as raucous as they book, which makes for seriously intimate shows and seriously ear-splitting shows.

The played a diverse and high-intensity set, circling back to The Season more than I expected. I knew singer Nathan Hussey would end the show with a slow song, I just didn’t know which one: Empty Nest, Wait List, or Let Me Go?

As it turned out, none of the above. Instead, he concluded with a Willy Nelson-esque slow burn from his solo album. His final words before exiting the stage were, “Who do you think I am? Because something you’ve learned is the least of your concern. Tell me, who do you think I am?” Then he hopped off the stage, ready to chat with his newly disarmed fans.

This is well-worn theme for Hussey, whose lyrics often veer into his problematic relationship with fans, Christianity, and the South. (Which, given his closeness to Georgia’s Manchester Orchestra, may have a distinct overlap). I was reminded of my last encounter with him, when I asked him if he believed in God or not.*

To which he answered, of course, “What do you think?”

* Yeah, yeah, I know. I have an unhealthy curiosity with the topic and I was drunk. Sue me. But you listen to Me and My Lovers, then Empty Nest and tell me you’re not curious.

Required Reading: Nobody Likes A Quitter

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